About Cubs

La devise des Louveteaux est 'De notre mieux'// The Cub motto is 'To do our best'

La devise des Louveteaux est ‘De notre mieux’// The Cub motto is ‘To do our best’

The Cub Scout program emphasises exciting and challenging activities based on individual needs. It provides:

  • A sense of belonging and achievement
  • Practise leadership and problem solving skills
  • Develop a sense of fair play and justice
  • Satisfy curiosity and the need for adventure
  • Develop fitness and creative skills
  • Provide new experiences and the opportunity to learn by doing
  • Provide the opportunity to make choices and decisions

Cub Scout Motto

La devise des Louveteaux est ‘De notre mieux’// The Cub motto is ‘To do our best’

Cub Scout Theme

The Cub Scout program is based on Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. Adult Leaders of the Cub Pack also usually have names from the Jungle Book for example Akela is the head Cub Leader. Another very distinctive feature of how Cub Scouts are related to the Jungle Book, is the ‘Grand Howl’, a ceremony included in the opening and closing parade of each meeting.

Promesse des Louveteaux (Cubs)

Sur mon honneur,
je promets de faire de mon mieux
pour être fidèle,
à mon Dieu,
à l’Australie,
d’aider mon prochain, et
d’agir selon la Loi des Louveteaux

Pack Leadership

Cub Scout sixes are led by a Sixer.  A Sixer is generally an older Cub Scout and is appointed by the Cub Scout Leader because of their known leadership qualities.  The Sixer is liked and respected by others in the six. A Seconder is also an older Cub Scout chosen to aid the Sixer, eg. stand in for the Sixer and benefit from working with the Sixer.

Achievement Badges

Achievement Badges give you lots of opportunities to concentrate on your favourite areas of interest. You have 34 to choose from! There are four categories of Achievement Badges: ‘Arts and Literature’, ‘Nature, Science and Technology’, ‘Sports and Recreation’, and ‘Our World’. If you have completed a level 2 badge you cannot attempt to do the same level 1 badge. You can only wear the highest badge on your uniform.