Our astronaut experience with Dr Sandra Magnus

4 girls at Sandy MagnusHello! My name is Rebecca, and this is Anaïs. We are Louveteaux and we are going to tell you about our experience with astronaut Dr. Sandra Magnus.

From what we’ve seen is that she has a kind soul and we mean it, she is a VERY nice person. She actually gets you interested in space. She told us a lot about space such as Sandy Magnusthat there are lots of different forces and water stays on your hand, also from what we’ve experienced with her, from the two times that we saw her, she had power points ready, she had no palm cards and she interacted with all of the children (including us!). The children also got to ask questions.

Anais and RebeccaSo now we think you can imagine what it would be like with Dr. Sandra Magnus!

Thank you for listening and next time we get an opportunity to write something, we will do it.

Rebecca and Anaïs

P.S Don’t forget that Dr. Sandra Magnus is really nice and funny!


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