Canoeing fun for the Petits Lutins

Our PeJoey canoeingtits Lutins (Joey) group recently went canoeing on Lake Burley Griffin.   First we had to learn to hold and use the paddle properly, then we learnt how to safely enter and exit a canoe.  We then headed into a beautiful area full of water lilies and weeping willow trees. 

We also learnt how to ‘raft’ by holding onto each other’s canoes, and also spent a quiet moment having a ‘Scouts Own’.  There were lots of different things that we were all grateful for.  Thank you again Lisa for hosting us, and thank you even more for showing us how Audax can swim.  It was a great demonstration for the children to see what to do in the event that a person falls into the water.


Leader – Petits Lutins



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