Gold Boomerang Boot Camp 2015

IMG_6828Over two Saturday afternoons, a handful of Cubs that are approaching the age to move up to Scouts participated in a boot camp designed to give them a major boost toward achieving their Gold Boomerang badge.

Audax and Bagheera organised and ran the two days of activities and we give a massive shout-out to Kingfisher, Hawk, Cricket and Possum, who provided most admirable support. Here’s a little something about the Boot Camp from the Cubs… Enjoy!


The Cubs’ Story:

On our first day, we started with games that involved ball skills and other activities needed for the fitness part of the Gold Boomerang. We then talked about personal health and infections with Hawk while we ate our lunch, and we planned a healthy menu for meals and snacks for a day. After that, we practised our first aid skills with Audax and talked about the importance of getting adult help in an emergency. Possum was a fantastic injured person – she was a very patient patient while we poked and prodded her, rolled her all over the floor to get her in the recovery position and practised fixing her cut fingers in the kitchen (it’s funny but the blood smelled a lot like tomato sauce).

We had a great time outside with Kingfisher doing road safety with our bikes and got to show our safety and riding skills. Bagheera took us through our knots and care for ropes. The easiest knots were the reef knot, clove hitch and the sheet bend but the bowline is quite tricky. Along with square lashings, we made a very large picture frame that we could all fit into. Later in the day, we showed Audax our fire lighting skills before finishing for the day.

On our second day at boot camp, Possum introduced us to a really cool game that got all the leaders involved too. We can’t remember who won but it was a lot of fun. After lunch we went through all the maps and hiking tasks except being able to set up a track using trail signs for other Cubs to follow. We all liked a play dough model that Bagheera made of hills and valleys to make it easier for us to understand and talk about contour lines. After some outdoor activity using compasses, we went through a lot of safety tasks with Audax. We saved Possum from drowning (most of the time), and talked about poisons at home and safety in electrical storms. We also talked about what to do if you get lost in the bush, about the kinds of dangers in the bush plus personal safety.

The afternoon of day two was spent on navigation and we did plenty on the eight main points of direction and use of compasses plus reading maps. We just have to set up a short trail using six compass points for the rest of the Pack to use to finish that part of the Gold Boomerang. That wrapped up the day, except for setting up and lighting cooking fires and cooking dinner for parents and ourselves. We cooked sausages and onion on a plate above one fire and cooked potatoes wrapped in foil on the coals of the other fire. Everyone loved the food and it was a great way to end the boot camp.

Here’s what we thought about the camp when asked to tell about what we liked most, what we thought was most funny and what we enjoyed learning about:

Alexandra. I most liked doing navigation and first aid. I though it was very funny when we were trying to save Possum but she kept ‘falling in’ or pulling us in to the ‘water’. I really enjoyed lighting the cooking fires.

Remi. I most liked Possum’s game and navigation on the second day and also running to the poles and back. I also really liked the bike riding and fitness activities on day one. I learned a lot about bike riding rules on the road – stay to the left and watch before crossing the road.

Jaiden. I most liked the fitness activities – kicking the balls and Possum’s game on day 2. I also really liked doing the trail signs, navigation and knot tying. I thought the funniest thing was when we started throwing balls in the wrong direction during fitness. I think I learned most when lighting the cooking fires and making dinner.

AJ. I thought that the trail signs and game on day 2 was the best. Bike riding was also good fun. I learned most from the navigation work and really liked the play dough model that Bagheera made.

Check out more photos via the photo album on the LX Facebook page.

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