Join us!

Your child is most welcome to come along and try out one of our meeting nights. This is an opportunity for you and your child to meet our Section Leaders, find out about what we do, and participate in activities.

Please contact us before you visit.  Sometimes the Section you wish to visit is not in the hall – they may be out and about doing something fun.  A preliminary phone call or email will ensure you have the right information.

If after discussing membership with the leader and there is room in the section, your child is welcome to come along for a three-week trial period before you are required to pay the annual membership fees, and they are invested as member of the Scout Association.

From time to time, our youth sections are filled to capacity (i.e. full) and cannot accept any new members. However, if this is the case your child can be added to our waiting list.

Please note:

  1. Our Petits Lutins/Joeys (6-7 years) meet Mondays
  2. Our Louveteaux/ Cubs (8-11 years) meet Thursdays
  3. Our Intrepides/Scout section (11-14 years) meet Wednesdays. If you would like to express interest in joining, please email

Please check out our  youth membership information brochure for more details.

For more info:
call 0409 929 018

Je veux devenir scout/e!

Votre enfant peut venir d’essayer des Scouts. Si il ya de la place dans leur tranche d’âge, il / elle peut venir pour une période d’essai de trois semaines avant d’être investi comme membre de l’Association des Scouts et vous devez payer l’adhésion.

De temps en temps, nous sommes pleins et ne pouvons pas accepter de nouveaux membres. Si c’est le cas, votre enfant sera ajouté à notre liste d’attente.


  1. Petits Lutins/Joeys (6-7 ans) – les lundis
  2. Louveteaux/ Cubs (8-11 ans) –  les jeudis
  3. Intrepides/ Scout section (11-14 years) – les mecredis. Si vous souhaitez exprimer votre intérêt à se joindre, se il vous plaît

Consultez notre brochure d’information pour plus d’informations.

Pour plus d’informations:
téléphone 0409 929 018