Louveteaux – Current Program

Term 1 2015

Week Date Activity Location Duty Six Notes
1 Thursday 2 Feb Welcome Back Games Hall Fawn
2 Tuesday 7 Feb Ice-blocking National Flag Display Meet at 6:25 pm
2 10-12 Feb Grey Wolf Hikes Bungonia National Park Limited to those completing their Grey Wolf Awards
3 16 Feb Jungle Book Rock Hall Grey
4 23 Feb Bring-a-friend Hall Red Encourage your friends to come along and try cubs
5 2 Mar Pack Council & My boomerang won’t come back Hall White Sixers and seconds start at 6:00pm, everyone else at 6:30pm
6 9 Mar Gone walkabout TBA Fawn Let’s see if we can get lost
6 11-13 Mar Group Family Camp Racecourse Beach, Bawley Point Come and join us for  afantastic long weekend
7 16 Mar Get Away TBA Grey
8 23 Mar Flight Level 2 Hall Red ACT Air Activities Power Flying Team
8 26 Mar Flying Day Canberra Airport ACT Air Activities Power Flying Team
9 30 Mar Handcraft Hall White Thinking ahead, part 1
10 6 Apr Rock Climbing Mitchell Indoor Rock Climbing Centre Start at 6:00 pm.