About Joeys

JoeyRooThe Joey Scout Program is a gentle introduction to a world of challenges and adventures through Scouting, but more importantly it is about learning while having fun.

This includes:

  • Participating in games, activities, crafts, stories, songs, play acting, prayers and outdoor activities.
  • Co-operating in fun games and activities that also require sharing, helping and pulling together.
  • Broadening the children’s experiences and understandings of the world around them through the use of displays, objects, visitors, outings and explanations.

Joey Scout Theme

The Joey Scout motto is HOP – Help Other People.

Joey Scout Promise

I promise
to do my best
to love my God
and be helpful
Je promets
de faire de mon mieux
d’aimer mon Dieu et
d’aider mon prochain

Joey Scout Law

A Joey Scout cares
A Joey Scout shares
Un Petit Lutin soin
Un Petit Lutin partage