Scouting the Boundary

Did you know that the boundary of the ACT extends over 303 km? How would you like to help celebrate Canberra’s Centenary by “Scouting the (ACT) boundary”? Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers are invited to participate in a bushwalking/riding/flying celebration of Canberra’s Centenary.

Our aim is to collectively walk the entire 303 km boundary of the ACT between May 2013 and April 2014, and document the various journeys in geocoded photographs and stories. Completing a section qualifies each member for a JOTT badge, as well as a Scouting the Boundary badge.

We have broken the ACT border up into 56 road-accessible segments. That is, the beginning and end of each segment is accessible by a fire trail at a minimum. These segments have been identified in the Google Maps on our Selecting Boundary Segments page.

Each scouting section that wishes to participate should choose a suitable boundary segment, nominate when they wish to complete it, prepare, execute, report and celebrate their success.

This can and should be a scouting activity i.e., fun, educational, challenging, etc. Les Explorateurs’ cubs and scouts piloted this activity and had a wonderful time learning about the history of the ACT boundary, found some 100 year old survey marks (blaze trees) and learnt the basics of geocaching.

What’s next?

Select your segment(s), electronically register your interest in completing a segment(s) and uploading your photos and stories. We will maintain a map indicating how much of the boundary has been walked and by which sections, and providing a means of displaying your geocoded photos and sharing your StB experience. If you are planning a longer jaunt (overnight on the trail), there is of course a little more planning involved. We have provided links to planning forms and contacts to help with checking that the plan is suitable.