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I enjoyed  the walk because it was different from other hikes.  We had not walked there before so it was very new. It was tiring  hard work  but it was fun do the walk.” From Gabi

“On Tuesday 19th November 2013 the Mt Taylor girl guides group went to Belconnen for the Scouting the Boundary activity. When we arrived there the first thing I noticed was Dramatic Skiesthe view. It was a very picturesque area and there was a beautiful sunset and of course(as we were scouting the boundary of the ACT) there were kangaroos. As we were walking it started raining, and the long grass (up to my neck) became gradually soaked which led to my feet being very wet! Overall, the hike was very fun and picturesque. The bit I liked most was that it was very cool that I could take one step and cross the border!”  From Kate

“While I had fun scouting the boundary the best bit about it was when we crossed the water course. I like doing challenging things, and crossing a water course is challenging.

Carefully, I stepped onto the first slippery stepping stone. Knowing that at any moment I could slip, and fall into the icy cold water. Some of the grey stones were unstable, so when lowered my foot down I had to be super careful, to make sure it was not wobbly. Phew2Luckily I made it. When I had made it across the water course, I scrambled up onto the springy grass and continued the walk.” From Emma

“In November we went for a hike around some of Canberra’s boundary with our guide leader Taranna and most of our unit. We all had a great time because we all got to get to know a bit more about each other. We had a little downpour around the middle of the hike. Once we found a fence where a wombat had chewed or clawed its way through so we had to crawl through it and another time we had to climb over a farmer’s fence and we were in a paddock next to sheep and cows.

I think that it was a good challenge for all of our unit because it was teaching us what is going on in our environment and for farmers with crops and animals. On top of that it also taught me what it feels like to live in the country-a large quiet place away from the bustling noises of the city and the screeching and honking of cars and trains.

Thank you Taranna.” From Casey

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