Who can participate?

Any Scout or Guide group is more than welcome to participate.  It is not restricted to groups from the ACT.

Can this count as part of our JOTT activities?

Absolutely!  Just email Peter Thomas details of your planned activities.

Can Scouting the Boundary activities count towards other badges?

Absolutely! Think creatively. Joeys: A fairly short walk along a road could be made more interesting and badgeworthy, by collecting rubbish and noting animals and plants you encounter along the way. Cubs: We are planning on a walk-through to a campsite. The cubs will carry light packs, with sleeping bags, water and food. We’ll have the tents etc. ready for set-up at the campsite at end of the walk. We will also set some geocaches along the walks. Scouts: Depending on the level, scouts could do a 1, 2 or 3 day hike. For the 3 day (green level) hike, the photos and track notes would fit right in with our aims. Scouts will, of course, want to carry their tents as well as everything else. Venturers: Someone has to do the 34 km section through Namadgi. Rovers: Someone is going to do the entire 303 km, right.

How do I geocode my photos?

If you take them with a smartphone or iPhone, chances are your photos will be gecoded automatically. Otherwise, if you make a note on a map of where you took photos, you can provide the coordinates with your photos.

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