Mt Mugga Cubs – A poem

Grey Wolf Award and Scouting the Boundary Poem

Dev Grewal (Black Sixer)


On Sunday the fourth of August twenty thirteen

Three adventurous and determined Cubs you had ever seen


Set off on their hike to achieve their Grey Wolf Award

The highest Cub honour and most prestigious reward


Joining them were eight Cub mates to help reach their goal

Six hours of fast paced walking not just a stroll


The three Cubs planned their hike, plotting the route on a map

Along the ACT/NSW boundary, to complete the long journey lap


Connor, Dev and Andrew each walked for two hours leading the pack

With breaks to view the scenery and eat munchies from their sack


Persevering through rough bush and walking up a few steep incline

Also a dramatic descent back to base but the Cubs were all fine


Congratulations to the Cubs for completing the walk

Big praise from Cub leaders and parents was the talk


The Cubs have now completed the hike element of their Grey Wolf Award

For also Scouting the Boundary the Cubs will receive this badge reward

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