Mt Mugga Cubs – StB in prose

Mt Mugga Cubs – Grey Wolf Hike on Sunday 4th August 2013

By Andrew Beardmore

On Sunday 4th August 2013 me, Dev and Connor took turns at leading ten cubs and three leaders from Mt Mugga scout hall at Red Hill.  And drove to Angle Crossing at the ACT and NSW border.  We had chosen this walk so me, Dev and Connor could cross off our grey wolf hike.  The walk we did is called section 50 of the ‘Scouting the Boundary Trail’.

The two other scouts (Connor then Dev) did their leading the group, first; I was the last to lead the group.

I took over leading the group after lunch at 14:30 hours and lead to the end of the the hike at 18:30 hours.

The walking was reasonably hard because everyone was tired because we had been walking all morning.  We were walking up and down really steep hills.  We were walking through the bush with thick spiky trees and low grass.  Everyone one was walking very well. It was really windy at the top of the mountains, but because of the walking and the hot sun we were hot and sweaty.

We saw one wallaby and a kite (bird) flying around in the air.  We also saw some very hairy cows – they looked like they were wearing wool, and one black bull.

I enjoyed the hike and would like to thank the person who designed it.  And I want thank everybody for their contribution. I hope everyone enjoyed the hike and that you will tell others about it because of how interesting it was.

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