Scouts ACT Bushwalking Policy

Scouts ACT has endorsed the use of the Bushwalking Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) for all overnight bushwalks in non-urban environments. Currently, the AAS is regarded as best practice. The standards are available at:

For bushwalking to comply the following procedures must be adhered to by any party.

On all bushwalks as defined in the standards and before the Group Leader or the leader-in-charge approves the activity the following documentation must be submitted for approval to an appointed Bushwalking Guide. The documentation must be in context for the specific bushwalk in regards to the following factors:

  • Age, maturity and experience of all participants;
  • Location, route, terrain and duration of the bushwalk;
  • Season and predicted weather and;
  • Provisions for rescue and/or evacuation.

The documentation required is as follows:

  • A route card for each day detailing each leg of the journey;
  • A risk management plan in context for the specific bushwalk;
  • An Expeditions Checklist to be retained by an emergency contact and;
  • Transport arrangements to and from the drop off and pick up point and emergency procedures which are known by all drivers.

It is the responsibility of the section leader to ensure that the following documentation is produced:

  • An equipment list from all participants
  • A menu/ration list from all participants including water and emergency rations
  • Method by which a weather report will be obtained
  • An Activity Approval form for submission to the Group Leader or the leader-in-charge.
  • An Activity Notification/Consent form for all participants.

It is the responsibility of the approving Bushwalking Guide to retain copies of all documentation presented for approval and lodge the documentation at the A.C.T. Branch office for storage after the bushwalk dates. In the event of the bushwalk being cancelled all documentation must still be lodged with an addendum detailing the reasons for cancellation.

2 Responses to Scouts ACT Bushwalking Policy

  1. Russell Hearne says:

    Hullo. It would be helpful if someone produced some templated forms, such as risk management, rations lists, expeditions checklist that we can modify for our walks.
    Russell, Duntroon Campbell

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